Top Ten Celebrity Long Hairstyles #Part-4

1. Kristen Stewart Long Hairstyle: Brunette to blonde
We barely recognize actress Kristen Stewart with blonde hair! Her new lighter locks give her a softer, more feminine look, and she keeps her makeup fresh and natural to go with her new hair. The transition from brunette to blonde is a long and damaging process for your hair, so be sure to give your locks extra love before, during and after the change.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_71
2. Kate Beckinsale Long Hairstyle: Tangled glossy locks
Actress Kate Beckinsale wears her hair loose and tangled, with a few ash-blonde highlights that brighten up her face. Her shallow middle parting is very flattering for her oval-shaped face, creating face-framing layers. If you’re hesitant to make a dramatic hair-colour change, try adding a few subtle highlights to your hair to see if lighter hair suits you.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_72
3. Eva Longoria Long Hairstyle: Wavy with side-swept fringe
Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria looks glamorous with her glossy, wavy dark hair. Standing at 5’2″ (1.57 m) tall, Eva shows us that long hair definitely does look fabulous on petite women. Her side-swept fringe shortens her long oval face ans draws attention down to her eyes and lips.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_73
4. Thandie Newton Long Hairstyle: Corkscrew curls
Actress Thandie Newton looks phenomenal with her soft and springy corkscrew curls. She wears her long hair loose with a deep side-parting that keeps hair out of her face. To recreate this look, massage styling mousse into damp hair and then use a very thin, round curling iron. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, flaunt it!
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_74
5. Lily Colllins Long Hairstyle: Slicked back and sophisticated
Actress Lily Collins looks elegant and sophisticated with her slicked back hairdo. She wears her deep brown hair with a side-parting, and the rest of her hair loose and super-straight. To get such perfectly smooth hair, you may need some heavy-duty anti-frizz serum!
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_75
6. Katharine McPhee Long Hairstyle: Messy bun
American pop singer Katharine McPhee shows us how to wear a messy bun with style. Her hair is slightly teased and pulled back into a messy bun on top of her head. The colour difference between her hair and the bun makes this long hairstyle quirky and more interesting.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_76
7. Jessica Chastain Long Hairstyle: Flowing half-up, half-down hairstyle
We are green with envy over actress Jessica Chastain’s flowing, tousled hair. She wears her hair in a simple half-up, half-down style with a middle-parted fringe that frames her face. Her gorgeous red hair also suits her pale complexion perfectly.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_77
8. Beyonce Long Hairstyle: Cute corkscrew curls
Queen B looks simply fabulous with her long, bouncy corkscrew curls. She wears her hair loose and isn’t afraid to show the dark roots of her hair. You can recreate Beyonce’s look with a thick curling iron and plenty of hairspray to keep your curls in place.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_78
9. Ellen Page Long Hairstyle: Schoolgirl chic
Actress Ellen Page looks cute as a button with her wavy mahogany hair and her side-swept bangs. This hairstyle is simple and easy to maintain, and it’s also very flattering for those of you with heart-shaped faces like Ellen Page. Forget about flyaway hairs and let your natural hair texture take over.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_79
10. Amanda Seyfried Long Hairstyle: Knotted bun
Les Miserables actress and singer Amanda Seyfried looks striking with her honey-blonde hair tied up in a knotted bun. This bold hairstyle draws all attention to the face, so be prepared to command some stares and appreciative looks! To keep your soft, knotted bun in place, use strong hair ties and plenty of hair pins.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_80

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