Top 20 Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Running out of ideas when it comes to styling your short hair? Don’t worry, these celebrities have you covered. From glamorous updos to lovely, elegant curls, we have a short hairstyle for everyone.

1. Rihanna Short Black Hairstyle: Super Short Straight Bob
Short Black Hairstyle_1
This super short haircut is super chic and super stylish, just like the edgy singer Rihanna. We loved her jet black locks cut short, right at her jaw line which emphasizes her amazing facial features beautifully. This hairstyle has plenty of attitude, and with the addition of long side bangs and a bit of teasing at the root of the hair, this super straight short bob gets a little boost of volume and sass with ease.

2. Rihanna Short Black Hairstyle: Colored Pixie with Bangs
Short Black Hairstyle_2
Caramel highlights gives this gorgeous singer an amazing, vibrant makeover that is nothing short of breathtaking. If you’re looking to switch up your ‘do without going overboard, try adding some deep blonde highlights to your locks for a seriously hot look. Cut it short into a stylish, messy pixie cut for extra style points and enjoy this simple and fun hairdo!

3. Nicole Ari Parker Short Black Hairstyle: Spiked Pixie
Short Black Hairstyle_3
Nichole Ari Parker shows us how to keep it sassy while staying elegant and classy. She doesn’t settle for straight locks that don’t do a thing- instead she teases and tussles to achieve a chic and stylish spiked hairdo that is oh-so-fancy with plenty of attitude. This hairstyle could easily work the room at a nightclub or work the Red Carpet. Super versatile, not to mention the length of this hairstyle looks fabulous on her long face shape.

4. Nicole Ari Parker Short Black Hairstyle: Pixie with Tight Curls
Short Black Hairstyle_4
Nicole Ari Parker switches up her style by showcasing her natural looking tight curls. If you don’t already have super tight rings like Nicole, you can use hair rollers to achieve this look (or get a professional perm). We love how these lovely tight curls gives her hair plenty of sass and volume, almost looking like an edgy afro that goes from day to night with ease. Forget straight hair- Nicole Ari Parker is proof that sometimes it’s best to rock your natural look!

5. Taraji P. Henson Short Black Hairstyle: Angled Cut with Side Swept Layers
Short Black Hairstyle_5
Certain types of bangs come and go, but side swept bangs are always a hit- especially for the year 2014! We love side swept bangs because they are super stylish and incredibly feminine, giving any lady a delicate touch to her appearance. Taraji P. Henson looks stunning with this angled short cut paired up with matching side swept bangs that are flirty and delicate, perfect for any occasion. Oh, and did we mention how super easy it is to pull off this style? Go ahead and sweep it to the side!

6. Taraji P. Henson Short Black Hairstyle: Medium Curls
Short Black Hairstyle_6
On days or occasion when you just want to glam it up, take a page out of Taraji P. Henson’s hairstyling book and throw on some medium curls to your ‘do. The end result? A super sensual and dazzling hairstyle that looks absolutely amazing. We love these curls because they are loose and romantic, making her look extra classy, fancy, and fun. Pair it up with your favorite dress and jewelry for an extra glamorizing look that will sweep onlookers off their feet.

7. Yaya DaCosta Short Black Hairstyle: Side Swept Updo with Curls
Short Black Hairstyle_7
Updos are always the go-to hairstyle when it comes to fancier occasions. And why wouldn’t they be? They are super fabulous and turn any lady into an absolute elegant knockout. Yaya DaCosta doesn’t just settle for any updo. First she styles her hair with plenty of lovely loose curls for a bit of volume and fanciness, then she sweeps it up into a side updo that is obviously fabulous in every way. Paired up with an elegant long dress, this side swept updo is as sophisticated as it gets. Two thumbs up from this blogger!

8. Yaya DaCosta Black Short Hairstyle: Medium Voluminous Tight Curls
Black Short Hairstyle_8
Sometimes you just want to be the center of attention: all eyes on you. But that can be hard to achieve in a world of over a billion people. So how can you stand out, while still looking amazing? Check out Yaya DaCosta: she’s got the answer for ya. Here we see this drop dead diva sporting some seriously voluminous tight curls that are funky, quirky, and cool. Her eye-catching hairstyle comes with all the hipness you could ever dream about while also being feminine and stylish. Wear it anywhere and have ALL eyes on you.

9. Estelle Short Black Hairstyle: Bob with Curls
Short Black Hairstyle_9
This beautiful singer looks elegant and cute with her short bob haircut, glammed up with a few simple curls at the ends of her locks. We love this hairstyle because it’s super simple to throw together yet looks amazing in every situation. It’s easiest to pull off these sexy curls with a hair curler or hair rollers!

10. Estelle Short Black Hairstyle: Bowl Cut Pixie
Short Black Hairstyle_10
We couldn’t help but fall out of our seats when we saw this lovely lady with her chopped locks- and for all the right reasons. Estelle switches up her hair with a cool boy cut that takes us back to our elementary school days. This is definitely a hairstyle that’s not for everyone, but if you’re bold and quirky like this sensational singer, then you might want to give it a try. Yes it’s different, but it’s actually quite intriguing and we can’t help but to love it. Talk about an edgy hairstyle that will get everyone talking.

11. Keri Hilson Short Black Hairstyle: Side Swept Bob with Side Bangs
Short Black Hairstyle_11
Keri Hilson amps up her hairstyle with plenty of golden blonde highlights, which brightens up her face and makes her a show-stopping diva. She accents her blonde locks with hints of dark brown for a bit of natural effect that plays off of her skin tone beautifully. Besides her glamorous hair color, we’re also head over heels for her edgy and sexy hairstyle that is rather easy. It’s perfect for those with short, oval, and round faces! Just cut it short and don’t forget the super stylish thick side bangs!

12. Keri Hilson Short Black Hairstyle: Blonde Voluminous Ringlets
Short Black Hairstyle_12
Going to an elegant event? There’s only option: ringlets. Ringlets are not only super trendy and cute, but they are seriously sexy and sophisticated. You can’t tell me Keri Hilson doesn’t look fabulous with her voluminous ringlets! You can get ringlets using a hair curler or hair rollers, but if you want the ringlets to start at the base of the hair like Keri Hilson, hair rollers are your best bet. You could even make this hair bigger by teasing the roots a bit for a really amped up ‘do that steals the show.

13. Kelly Rowland Short Black Hairstyle: Side Parted Pixie Crop
Short Black Hairstyle_13
Kelly Rowland’s short pixie haircut looks dazzling on her. The generous side part and blend of lowlights and highlights really makes her beautiful brown eyes stand out. We love this hairstyle because it’s sleek, sexy, and to the point. Plus the shortness makes it super easy to work with while still allowing for some wiggle room. This is the perfect hair color for women who want to brighten up their locks without adding any blonde, and it looks beautiful.

14. Kelly Rowland Short Black Hairstyle: Topknot with Bangs
Short Black Hairstyle_14
Topknots are seriously all the rage right now. Like, if you’re not sporting a topknot, you aren’t in style. It’s as simple as that. We are LOVING Kelly Rowland’s gorgeous topknot because it’s accented with some thick, edgy bangs that really gives her whole look some serious attitude. This hairstyle can easily go from the office to the bedroom with ease, plus it’s really easy to put together. Just pull your hair up into a tight knot on the top of the head. Pull out your bangs and a few extra strands for an added glam effect like Kelly!

15. Ashanti Short Black Hairstyle: Swept Back Updo
Short Black Hairstyle_15
Ashanti charms and dazzles the crowd with her fancy and feminine updo. Her swept back updo softens her face generously, leaving her with a very seductive and flirty look that we can’t ignore. This is a wonderful option for date night or fancier events like weddings or parties. Pair it up with your favorite jewels and a lovely dress for an added boost of feminine flavor.

16. Ashanti Short Black Hairstyle: Slick Straight Bob
Short Black Hairstyle_16
Sometimes it’s best to ditch the bells and whistles and just reach for your straightener, leaving you with a slicked down ‘do like Ashanti. She looks absolute glorious and fierce with her slick straight locks, and we can certainly say this hairstyle works anywhere. It’s great for the office, nights out with the girls, or just when you’re hanging out with your boyfriend on a Friday night watching movies. It’s super cute, yet has some serious attitude that we LOVE.

17. Jada Pinkett-Smith Short Black Hairstyle: French Twist with Bangs
Short Black Hairstyle_17
Wow. Just look at those bangs. Are you in love? Well if you aren’t, you should be. Those thick bangs skim the top of her eyes for a majestic and fierce look that complements her facial features beautifully. These bangs look best with women with longer faces like Jada, and pulling her hair back into a glamorous french twist only made her face appear longer and even more elegant. Matched with that sexy black dress, this is a look that kills. Dazzle your date with this astonishing style!

18. Jada Pinkett-Smith Short Black Hairstyle: Halo Braid
Short Black Hairstyle_18
If I could sum up popular hairstyles for 2014 in just one word, I would choose this one: braids. Braids are ridiculously hot this year, much like updos- only even more so. Here we see Jada Pinkett-Smith sporting one of this year’s hottest hairstyles: the halo braid. And just as you’d expect with something with the word ‘halo’ in it, it produces a very angelic appearance that is downright beautiful. She looks like a majestic lady from above with this gorgeous hairstyle. It might look difficult to achieve, but there’s plenty of easy how-to guides online that can leave you with this seductive style in just a matter of minutes.

19. Ciara Short Black Hairstyle: Slicked Back Low Bun
Short Black Hairstyle_19
While updos with plenty of volume are always fun and stylish, there is something about a low updo that has plenty of sex appeal, which you can clearly see in Ciara’s gorgeous low bun hairstyle. She slicks her hair back and pulls it into a low bun, showing off her gorgeous cheek bones perfectly. Recreate this hairstyle easily and don’t forget to add some product to get that gorgeous silk effect just like Ciara.

20. Ciara Short Black Hairstyle: Super Short Waves
Short Black Hairstyle_20
We can all certainly agree that Ciara is looking fabulous with her retro-inspired locks. Her lovely waves has a certain ’50s appeal that is oh-so-chic and beautiful. We also love how she’s added some caramel blonde highlights to one side of her hair, giving her a boost of attitude and sex appeal. Overall, this flashback style gets a 10 out of 10 from us.