Top Ten Celebrity Hairstyles #Part-1

1. Kim Kardashian Long Hairstyle: Straight and ash-blonde 

Reality star and new mom Kim Kardashian has gone blonde! She’s chosen a trending ash-blonde shade that suits her skin-tone, and wears her hair loose with a deep middle parting. She gives her poker-straight hair some body by integrating several layers. Kim also tones down her make-up to suit her new, brighter look.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_01

2. Jessica Alba Long Hairstyle: Loose with side-swept fringe

Actress Jessica Alba looks smoldering hot with her long, loose hair and a side-swept fringe. Recreate Jess’ sexy look by blow-drying your hair carefully, section by section. Use a heat protection serum when blow-drying, and embrace your natural hair texture when you wear it loose.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_02

3. Lana Del Rey Long Hairstyle: Side-swept curls

Songstress Lana Del Rey looks radiant with her long, side-swept hair. She wears her hair loose, with big glamorous curls cascading over her shoulder. This is a great hairstyle for very long hair, as it’s an easy style that makes long, same-length hair look more interesting.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_03

4. Reese Witherspoon Long Hairstyle: Layered with bangs

Actress Reese Witherspoon wears her long hair with layers and soft, eyebrow-skimming bangs. This hairstyle really suits her heart-shaped face, as the layers soften the angles of her jaw. We also adore Reese’s hair colour – beautiful blonde with expertly placed high- and low-lights.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_04

5. Rihanna Long Hairstyle: Side-shaved with long, curly locks

Pop princess Rihanna puts a new spin on the side-swept hair trend and rocks a side-shaved hairstyle. We think RiRi looks absolutely stunning with this edgy yet glamorous hairstyle. If you’re brave enough to get part of your head shaved, this could be your next exciting hairstyle!
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_05

6.  Lea Michele Long Hairstyle: Beachy ombre waves with bangs 

Actress and singer Lea Michele rocks the ombre trend with her long, beachy waves of hair. Her unruly bangs complete the look by framing her face and drawing attention to her eyes. This look is perfect for wavy hair, and with the right hair styling tools it can be recreated with straight hair too.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_06

7. Demi Lovato Long Hairstyle: Maroon waves 

Singer and songwriter Demi Lovato shows off her new maroon locks by wearing them in shiny, loose waves. This dark shade of red suits her pale complexion, and her side-swept fringe elongates her round face. Before you decide to go red, consult with your hair stylist to choose the most flattering shade for your complexion.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_07

8. Beyonce Long Hairstyle: Power ponytail 

Pop diva Beyonce looks sophisticated and professional with her hair in a super-long ponytail. She wears her pony just above the nape of her neck, and wraps a strand of hair around the hair-tie for a polished look. Make sure you tame flyaway hairs for a sleek, sexy ponytail.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_08

9. Vanessa Hudgens Long Hairstyle: Festival hair

Singer and actress Vanessa Hudgens perfected the bohemian look at this year’s Coachella Festival. She adorns her loose, curly hair with flowers and wears retro round sunnies to complete her look. This natural, hippy style is perfect for outdoor music festivals in 2014.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_09

10. Katy Perry Long Hairstyle: Lavender high pony

Katy Perry looks phenomenal with her lovely lavender locks pulled up into a high ponytail. Lavender is currently a very popular hair colour, and we’re sure it’ll make a comeback in summer next year. This bold hairstyle draws attention to your face, so make sure your makeup is flawless!
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_10

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