Top Ten Celebrity Hairstyles #Part-2

1. Paris Hilton Long Hairstyle: Side-braided

Socialite and heiress Paris Hilton looks angelic with her beautifully braided blonde hair. She wears her hair loose with a delicate side-braid that pulls hair away from her face. The rest of her hair hangs in perfect curls down her back. To recreate this hairstyle, braid hair carefully on one side, and use a curling wand to get perfect curls.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_31

2. Angelina Jolie Long Hairstyle: Romantic curls 

Actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie chooses a dreamy long hairstyle with loads of romantic curls. The curls help to soften the angles of her strong rectangular shaped face, and they make her look more feminine. We love how Angie has chosen makeup that complements her chestnut-coloured hair.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_32

3. Selena Gomez Long Hairstyle: Twisted ponytail

Singer Selena Gomez shows off her seemingly gravity-defying hairdo that is coiled and braided from the crown of her head, until her waist.  Her fringe is coiffed into a bubble, and the rest of her hair has been incorporated into her thick, spectacular braided ponytail. We suspect that this hairstyle requires plenty of hidden hairpins to keep it in place.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_33

4. Kate Beckinsale Long Hairstyle: Velvety waves

Foxy actress Kate Beckinsale’s hair looks enviably soft and shiny in her recent long hairstyle. With many layers and velvety waves, Kate’s hair is simply gorgeous. Keep your hair looking soft and healthy by using weekly hot oil treatments that smooth and care for your hair.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_34

5. Kylie Jenner Long Hairstyle: Middle parted with subtle layers

Teenage model and reality TV star Kylie Jenner knows how to work with her round shaped face. She wears her hair in a middle parting with bangs and layers that create the illusion of a more elongated face. This long hairstyle is perfect for fine, straight hair and is very easy to style.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_35

6. Reese Witherspoon Long Hairstyle: Fancy up’do

Actress Reese Witherspoon has us excited with her curious new up’do. Is it a ponytail, or is that a hairband? Either way, Reese looks lovely with her fancy up’do. You can experiment at home with ways to recreate this hairstyle – try using hair-clips, small hairbands, and plenty of hair-clips.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_36

7. Hilary Duff Long Hairstyle: Shaggy layers

Singer Hilary Duff rocks the girl-next-door look with her shaggy, textured layers of hair. This is a great haircut for fine, straight hair as the layers make hair a lot more dynamic. We also adore Hilary’s wheat-blonde hair, which would be perfect for summer in 2014.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_37

8. Vanessa Hudgens Long Hairstyle: Tied back and dip-dyed

Actress Vanessa Hudgens keeps up her bohemian look with her long, wavy hair partially tied back. She lets the rest of her dip-dyed wild mane hang loose, with two flyaway bangs framing her face. Embrace your naturally wavy or curly hair and wear it loose!
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_38

9. Mischa Barton Long Hairstyle: Wispy strawberry blonde locks

Actress Mischa Barton has found a stunning hairstyle that suits her perfectly. It has all the elements of a great, easy-to-maintain long hairstyle: texture, layers, a side parting, and a great colour. Keep these elements in mind when choosing a new hairstyle for 2014!
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_39

10. Delta Goodrem Long Hairstyle: Regal braided ‘do

Australian singer-songwriter Delta Goodrem is heavenly with her regal braided hairdo. Her hair is swept back with a braid of her own hair, and the rest of her hair falls gracefully around her face in beautiful curls. Braids are a super-easy way to update any hairstyle, and they look particularly elegant with long hair.
Top 100 Long Hairstyles 2014_40

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